Women, minority-owned businesses come together for networking

18 Jan 2023


01/18/2023 (Michael Hutchins, Herald Democrat)

Nearly 100 Sherman business owners gathered Thursday night for an evening of networking, sharing of resources and mentorship. While the business owners represented a myriad of industries and professions, and just as many backgrounds, they all shared one thing in common: they were all either female or minority entrepreneurs looking for ways to help support and grow their own businesses throughout the city.

Thursday’s event represented one of the early efforts by the Sherman Economic Development Corp. to support local women-owned and minority-owned businesses through connections, networking and other efforts.

“When you are a minority or a woman, from that very first on-site view of you, people have made up their minds about how they feel about you,” said Businessman and salon owner Eric Ross. “Then, you have to prove them wrong. You have to show then that you are serious about what you do, you are passionate and a hard and a hard worker, because they don’t necessarily see that.”

Despite the difference between the many business owners and their companies, Thursday’s networking event revealed some similarities. The vast majority of the city’s women-owned and minority- owned businesses are smaller businesses. Likewise, many of them saw difficulties and challenges during the pandemic.

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