In Sherman, Texas, We Are Just Getting Started!

Industry in Sherman has been developing since the mid-1800s, but the best is yet to come. Sherman Economic Development Corporation focuses on providing excellent customer service to achieve strategic growth in the primary employment sector, specifically in companies with statewide, national, and global markets. At SEDCO, we are always investing; never satisfied. We stand ready to assist companies, commercial real estate professionals, and site location consultants with up-to-date information about the market.

Texas Instruments: A Triumph of Business Retention and Expansion

Texas Instruments chose Sherman for its estimated $30 billion new fabrication campus with plans to produce 300-millimeter semiconductor wafers and create over 3,000 jobs. It isn't just the biggest industrial deal in Sherman's history but the biggest in Texas' history. What made this win even more of an achievement is that the company had announced in 2020 it was closing its existing Sherman facility.

Sherman edged out Singapore as the home for the tech giant’s new manufacturing plant with an incentives package that included a quadruple property tax abatement by the City of Sherman, Grayson County, Grayson College, and the Sherman Independent School District. The Sherman site has the potential for up to four plants, known as “fabs,” to meet demand over time since semiconductor growth in electronics — particularly in industrial and automotive markets — is expected to continue well into the future.

On top of winning the biggest industrial project in Texas' history, this deal is a triumph that earned SEDCO a 2021 Impact Award.


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Successful Deals

2022 Projects

Project Investment Jobs

Texas Instruments
300-mm Wafers

$30,000,000,000 3,200 New

Global Wafers USA
300-mm Silicon Wafers

$5,000,000,000 1,500 New

Coherent  (Formerly II-VI)
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSELs)

$53,000,000 150 New

Tyson Fresh Meats
Beef & Pork

$32,000,000 1,700 Retained 

Sunny Delight

$30,060,000 74 New

Arctic Bracing
Post operative and conservative care external medical devices

$3,000,000 16 New

Commissary Express
Food and hygiene commissary products

$150,000 23 Retained 

The Charlotte Letter
Adaptive apparel for childeren with spcial medical needs

$128,524 10 New

Quality Ingredients
Corn tortilla preservatives 

$118,000 5 New 
TOTAL 2022 $35,118,456,524 Investments 4,955 New; 1,723 Retained


2021 Projects

2020 Projects

Project Investment Jobs
Presco Polymers, LP
Water line extension for fire suppression system
$190,000 180 retained
TOTAL 2020 $190,000 investment 180 retained jobs

2019 Projects

Project Investment Jobs

Eternity Technologies, Inc.
Battery cell assembly for electric forklifts

$3,800,000 46 new

Triple offset valves

$4,800,000 55 new

Tyson Fresh Meats
Beef and pork

$30,000,000 1,703 retained

Modular Power Solutions
Modular electrical room integrators

$10,200,000 105 retained
TOTAL 2019 $48,800,000 investments 101 new; 1,808 retained


2018 Projects

Project Investment Jobs

Combicut, Inc.
Cutting blade manufacturer, facility improvements, new equipment, job creation

$890,000 3

Elevate Recoveries, LLC
Call center, job creation

$220,000 60

Robit USA, LLC
Drill bit manufacturer, job creation


Finisar Corporation
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Technology, facility purchase and improvements, new equipment

$160,000,000 587

Presco Polymers, LP
Vinyl film division, new equipment


GlobiTech, Inc.
Epitaxial process for silicon wafers, facility improvements


GlobiTech, Inc.
Epitaxial process for silicon wafers, facility expansion, new equipment, job creation

$47,500,000 32

Tyson Foods
Beef and pork; building and equipment, retained 1,703 jobs


Emerson Automated Solutions
Triple offset valves; facility expansion, job creation

$4,800,000 55
TOTAL 2018 $245,010,000 investments 743 jobs


2017 Projects

Project Investment Jobs

GlobiTech, Inc.
Epitaxial process for silicon wafers, facility improvements, new equipment, job creation

$17,910,000 36

Synergy Windows & Doors
Windows and doors manufacturer, job creation

$600,000 18

CertainTeed Corporation
Insulation manufacturer, job creation

$50,000 10

Eaton B-Line
Electrical enclosures and cable tray systems manufacturer, facility improvements, new equipment


Equipment manufacturer, job creation


Craft brewery, facility improvements, new equipment

TOTAL 2017 $11,273,500 Investments 70 Jobs


2016 Projects

Project Investments Jobs

J.P. Hart Lumber Co.
Lumber and building materials distribution center

$9,500,000 37

Anutak Products, Inc.
Flexible ducts for air conditioning and heating systems

$300,000 11

Ball, DPF
Renovations of a newly purchased tank farm

$159,300 1
Total 2016 $5,959,300 Investments 49 Jobs


2015 Projects

Project Investment Jobs

903 Brewers
Craft Brewery, new manufacturing equipment


Metallenium Iron Works
Fabrication and rebuilding

$2,200,000 10

Commissary Express, Inc.
Distribution to Institutional Commissaries, relocation

$450,000 10

Panda Sherman Power II
Power plant construction

$200,000,000 8

Christmas Designers
Christmas lights, equipment and holiday displays – relocation, renovation and equipment

$275,000 3

Kaiser Aluminum
Fabricated aluminum products – expand facility and production

$25,459,000 10
Total 2015 $228,599,000 Investments 41 Jobs


2014 Projects

Projects Investments Jobs

Renew Blue
Plastics recycling industry

$1,150,000 104

Barrett Hospitality, LLC
Downtown Restaurant


Kaiser Aluminum
Fabricated aluminum products, new equipment

$5,800,000 7

903 Brewers
Craft Brewery, new manufacturing equipment

$389,000 5

Vinyl film division, new equipment


Expitaxial process for silicon wafers, new equipment

$18,000,000 20

Direct Connect
Call center to support debit/credit card industry


Emerson / Fisher
Equipment manufacturer, expand facility & production

$8,047,000 22
Total 2014 $33,925,186 Investments 308 Jobs