SEDCO votes to expand board from five to seven members

12 Jan 2024

News and Media

1/12/2024 (Michael Hutchins, Herald Democrat)

The Sherman Economic Development Corp. could gain new members and new insights in the near future. On Tuesday, the board director approved a series of changes to the organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation that would shift the board from five members to seven members.

The changes come as during a period of growth for the city of Sherman that has seen an increase in the city’s high-tech sector, among other new employers and industries. With this growth, SEDCO has seen an increase in the complexity of business deals it receives from prospective companies who are looking to do business in Sherman.

“I think it is meant to bring some continuity, number one,” SEDCO President Kent Sharp said. “… It adds voices to the board because we are doing more complex deal structures today.”

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