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Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC offers individualized speech and language therapy for children aged 12 months to 18 years. Speech therapy is beneficial for children struggling with articulation disorders, fluency disorders, delayed talking, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), expressive and receptive language difficulties, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) needs, voice disorders, social skills and hearing differences. Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC provides personalized interventions to create a healthier and safer relationship with food from birth to 18 years. Feeding therapy is beneficial for children who are struggling with transitioning to solid foods, sensory limitations, extremely picky eaters, oral motor/swallowing issues, difficulty meeting caloric and nutritional needs, behavioral challenges during mealtimes, G-tube and NG-tube weaning, tongue-tie complications and bottle-feeding difficulties.

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Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC is dedicated to helping children from birth to early adulthood reach their fullest potential. SFT is passionate about providing the highest quality of care, tailored to the individual needs of each person. Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC also offers a comprehensive range of services including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and support for various speech and language disorders as well as feeding disorders. SFT is committed to helping the children in our community achieve their goals, improve their communication skills, feeding skills and overall quality of life.