Upholstery Girl

109 South Travis St • Sherman, TX 75090

Services: upholstery

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Upholstery Girl is an unintended continuation of a legacy. Squirrel's Hobby Shop in Frisco, TX was born in the 1950's and was owned and run by my grandparents, Ray and Minnie Sterling. It started with a before and after pair of chairs in the window of an insurance company on downtown Main Street. The shop made the theater curtains in the original Frisco High School, pew cushions in various churches and draperies in too many homes to count. They retired around the time I was born and I grew up knowing that all the furniture in my grandparents home, they had built or reupholstered with their own hands. I grew up, went to school, moved away, had my own children and was a full-time mother of three.

20 years later, I found myself divorced and a single mother and moved from NY back home to Texas. My grandmother who was 99 at the time asked me how I intended to support the kids and still be a mother now that I had to go back to work full-time? I told her I would probably start an upholstery shop here in TX but that it would take a while because I had to save up for an industrial upholstery sewing machine. She sent me over to my Uncle's who had fully restored the machine she had used all those years ago and so "Upholstery Girl" was born. I never started out wanting to be an upholsterer, I just wanted to be a mom but my grandmother found a way for me to do both just like she had done many years ago. I am truly grateful for her wisdom, her faith in me, and the talent that she passed along.