Successful Deals

Since 1996, Sherman Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) has focused on a mission and strategy to grow the primary employment sector - those companies with statewide, national and global markets. 


2016 Projects:

Project Investment Jobs
J.P. Hart Lumber Co.    
Lumber and building materials distribution center $5,500,000 37 jobs
Anutak Products, Inc.    
Flexible ducts for air conditioning and heating systems $300,000 11 jobs
Ball, DPF    
Renovations of a newly purchased tank farm $159,300 1 job
TOTAL 2016:    
  $5,959,300 49 jobs


2015 Projects:

Project Investment Jobs
903 Brewers    
Craft Brewery, new manufacturing equipment $215,000  
Metallenium Iron Works    
Fabrication and rebuilding $2,200,000 10 jobs
Commissary Express, Inc.    
Distribution to Institutional Commissaries, relocation $450,000 10 jobs
Panda Sherman Power II    
Power plant construction $200,000,000 8 jobs
Christmas Designers    
Christmas lights, equipment and holiday displays - relocation, renovation and equipment $275,000 3 jobs
Kaiser Aluminum    
Fabricated aluminum products - expand facility and production $25,459,000 10 jobs
TOTAL 2015:    
  $228,599,000 41 jobs


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